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This course covers fundamentals and state-of-the-art in virtual and augmented reality, as well as related areas of 3D computer vision and graphics. Theoretical background as well as practical solutions and applications will be presented in the lectures. AR/VR topics covered in the course range from applications to Gaming, Entertainment, Education, Healthcare, Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Shopping, or Telepresence.
In the accompanied practical and based on the principle of problem-based learning, students will be asked to design an own project (individual or groups) from idea, via implementation, testing, evaluation, demonstration, to documentation. In this way they will experience the full lifecycle of a practical project in AR/VR, as they will face it once they leave the university in either industry or research. A default project will be suggested as fall back, still covering the full lifecycle except the idea.

Spoken Language Understanding (SLU) extracts the meaning from speech utterances by leveraging technologies from signal processing, pattern recognition and machine learning. SLU comprises components for Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Dialog Systems. Its applications are vast, from voice search and destination entry in cars to medical dictation and meeting summarization in offices.

  • Technologies: Hard-and software solutions for natural interfaces, frameworks, best practices.
  • Types: Touch interfaces, multi-touch interfaces, pen-based interfaces, gestural interfaces, conversational interfaces.
  • Interaction: Interaction paradigms, gesture sets, spoken dialogs, primitives, design principles, interaction with natural interfaces.
  • User Experience: User-centered gesture and speech dialogdesign, Testing gestures and spoken lan-guage understanding, NUI Mock-Ups, Wizard-of-Oz experiments for conversational and gesture inter-faces, Prototype implementation.