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Dear Students,

this is the moodle course room for the marketing course in the basic study (Grundstudium). The course is based on the well known Marketing standard book from Philip Kotler and Kevin Keller, Marketing-Management, New Jersey 2012, 14th edition (the 13th edition might do so, too). This course is held in English! But don’t be afraid, you will never have such a good chance to practice your English without being punished ;-)))

Through your studies on the basis of this standard work book you will learn the basic principles of Marketing and practice the relevant English terms that are used in daily business as well.

There will be a script that is offered via this Moodle page. Every week the charts for the respective session will be uploaded upfront. But: Learning the script by heart will not be sufficient. In class we will do a lot of interactive parts and cases. So you need to be able to use your knowledge and make a transfer or solve small cases by yourself.


Group 1: 11:35-14:45

Room: G 101
The course will start on March, 16th, 2017


You will get the key to subscribe to this moodle course room in the first session on March, 16th.

Please note: since the winter term 2015 the course is split in two halfs: The first part of the course will be held by Prof. Decker, the second part will be held by Dr. Celine Schulz.