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The module part Technology-Commercialization will follow the outline:Defining Technology Transfer

  • Options of technology commercialization: The Technology Transfer Process (Starting a business or taking a license)
  • Stakeholders in Technology Transfer:  The start-up business, or the licensee
  • Some considerations for technology commercialization for different industries
  • IP Strategy: defining it, developing it, implementing it
  • Derisking:  Do I have a business and what about it?
  • Derisking:  Freedom to operate considerations
  • Derisking:  Funding considerations
  • Adapting technology transfer models for SMEs
  • Technology licensing: Basics, negotiation tactics, different forms of licensing

The module part Intellectual Property Management will follow the outline:

  • Fundamentals of intellectual property rights
  • Patent protection strategies
  • Evaluating and valuing patents
  • Successful practices in commercializing patents
  • Organizing patent management
  • Patent management by industry
  • Patent management in new technology environments
  • Generally useful information for startups when dealing with patents